Innovative Sprinkler Alternative

Automist is changing the way people think about domestic fire protection. It’s an innovative, cost effective alternative for protecting your home or business against fire.

Celsius are certified to install Plumis Automist systems, the best in the business! So, call Celsius for a competitive quote to install Automist in your property.

How Automist works

Automist is a simple sprinkler that can be fitted onto a wall, surface or even your tap to give your room complete protection. When a fire is detected, instead of spraying water like traditional sprinkler systems, Automist disperses a dense mist which reduces the amount of water damage but also very effective.

The mist controls the fire by displacing the oxygen that allows the fire to thrive and reduces the heat. This means that the hazard can be contained for longer and subsequently, less damage to your property. And unlike traditional sprinklers, Automist can also suppress chip pan fires.