How to Change a Plug & Fuse

This video walks you thorough how to change a plug and fuse so that you can be confident that you can safely maintain your plugs if something were to go wrong.

What to do when your electrics trip

Have you ever had your electrics all trip in your home and you have no idea how to get them back on? This video walks you through the best way to reset your trip switches in your fuse box (RCD).

How to test your smoke alarm

Smoke alarms save lives, so knowing that yours are working properly is essential. This video walks you through the proper technique to test using can smoke.

How to clean a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units can become clogged up over time, which dramatically impacts it’s efficiency which can cost you money. This video walks you through how to remove and clean the air vent of a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit.

How to replace a Halogen light bulb

Some light fittings can be tricky to change. This video walks you through how to safely and carefully replace a 240 Volt Halogen downlight globe, step by step. 

How to use an Digital Multimeter

This 3 part tutorial series goes back to basics on how to use a digital multimeter. Watch the video to understand how to measure AC (alternating current), DC (direct current) voltage and also how to measure resistance and continuity.


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