Have you got a business or a commercial property? Did you know that PAT Testing is a legal requirement?

A PAT Test needs to be performed on any portable and fixed electrical equipment you own. This is to ensure that they are safe to use, which ultimately limits the potential risk to your employees and your property.

PAT Testing kit

Risk Assessment

Many people get caught out thinking that PAT testing only needs to be done every couple of years. However, this is not always the case. Depending on its usage, different appliances need PAT Testing at different times.

We understand that this can be a hassle, but Celsius can make this process as easy and stress free as possible. We can undertake a risk assessment and then we have the expertise and calibration equipment needed to fully understand how often you are legally required to undertake a PAT test.

Get peace of mind

Knowing your appliances have an in-date PAT test gives you the peace of mind that if anything should go wrong, the blame does not fall to you. Regular risk assessment takes away that risk.

Are you unsure when your PAT tests run out of date? Fill in the form above with the date of your last inspection, and Celsius will email you a reminder when your assessment needs renewing!