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A visibility splay survey may be required if your planning application includes proposals to construct a new vehicular access, or there is a need to improve an existing access.

These are formed by lowering or setting back any existing boundary treatment (wall, fence or hedge) at each side of the access and ensuring that any new boundary treatment is set back (or is of a height) that ensures that drivers using the access will be able to see approaching vehicles when exiting the site (and vice versa).

  • Visibility splays can unlock a site for development by influencing access location
  • Several factors affect the design of visibility splays, including vehicle speed, reaction time, deceleration rate and gradient
  • Visibility splays cannot easily be ‘retro-fitted’ – early consultation with a transport planning consultant is critical to achieving the optimum outcome

To comply with the condition, a drawing should be produced which shows the access and visibility splays. This drawing should be submitted to the Council, as part of the ‘discharge of conditions’ application.

Once the plans have been approved, the access must be constructed in complete accordance with the approved plans and then retained in this approved way ( e.g. with the vehicular visibility splays kept clear of any vegetation exceeding 1.0 m in height).


Visibility splays at any entrance or junction are measured along the edge of the main road (the “Y” distance) from a point a set distance back from the edge of the main road (the “X” distance).

The “Y” distance is set by the speed of traffic and is not dependent on volumes of traffic using either the main road or the access. It is in the assessment of the “Y” distance that the two standards differ.

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